Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Big Move

As of yesterday, I have officially moved to Houston.

Well... sort of.

I'm just north of Houston for a few days, living with the fam until I start work Wednesday morning.
My mom is on vacation, which means it will be just me and my three brothers for a few days. I'm excited to spend some time with them, although the thought of listening to Eminem blasting through the walls of the room next to mine doesn't seem particularly enthralling. Some people might be surprised by this, because I probably strike most people as a hardcore rap fan, but I've never really gotten into Eminem's music.
Go ahead and take a second to recover from that shock.

Anyway, I have a lot to get done in the next few days. Mostly things like renewing my driver's license, getting a drug test for my fall internship, having my oil changed... things that are possibly too thrilling to write about in here. I will also, on Tuesday, celebrate my 24th birthday. I've been told that this is a big one, since I'll be 24 and my birthday- as it often does- will fall on the 24th. It's supposed to be magical, but I have a feeling it will be dreadfully boring. Most of my birthdays tend to be that way- it just comes with the territory of being born in May, I think.
Fortunately, I did get to have a sort-of-birthday-dinner with my twinner and a few friends before leaving town. And last night my dear friend Mo accompanied me out for a night on the town as a semi-birthday/we're-both-stuck-in-Houston-for-the-summer/we-survived-the-rapture...again! celebration. So, really, I'm doing pretty well in terms of birthday festivities.

As uneventful as the next few days promise to be, I am relieved to have a bit of down-time before I start work. It will be good to have some time to check things off the to-do list and (maybe) rest up a bit. Judging on what little I know about what my job will look like at this point, I think it might be a slightly exhausting summer.
But in a very good way.
I am really excited.

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  1. you forgot to mention all of the inflatables. duh


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