Monday, May 4, 2015


Wow. It’s been a long time since I’ve written here.

I often have ideas about things I really want to write about- I've even made 2 or 3 lengthy lists, which are currently lying somewhere around at my house. At one point, I decided to get organized and made a calendar to list what I would write and when I would write it!

That was about two months ago, so you can tell how successful it’s been.

Over the past seven months as a new mom, I continually tell myself, “I’ll get the hang of this soon! One of these days I’ll have this down, and then I’ll be able to (insert some activity such as writing a blog post here)!”

It always starts with such confidence...
But here’s the thing about babies: they change. A lot. Every day.

As soon as you get used to one phase, they wake up in a whole new one.

All of a sudden, they want to eat (or play with) solid foods. Or they learn how to roll over- eliminating your ability to leave them on the couch while you grab a rag from the other side of the room to clean up the spit up flowing onto your floor. (Random example.) Or they figure out they can move their hands and miraculously grab things like house plants, cups of hot coffee, or dog faces.

Or (Lord help me when this happens) they learn how to crawl.

When you finally get used to one stage, you’re already halfway through the next. It’s beautiful and incredible and so much fun, but it also means you’re always in the stage of “figuring it out.”
(And by “you’re” I mean “I’m”- I’m using a generic pronoun in the hopes that I’m not alone here.)

...and ends up like this. (Making it happen, but maybe not always with those most grace and ease.)

So that’s my excuse. I’m still adjusting. (There are also a lot of other things going on in life right now, but more on that soon.)

These days I’m adjusting to two new teeth, the precarious balancing act that is learning how to sit up independently, the unquenchable curiosity of a growing mind, and the fierce desire to crawl comically combined with a complete lack of limb coordination.

Actually, that may not be fair to say. Little Man is adjusting to those things. I’m just adjusting to him adjusting.

But this month, I’m going to try to make updating this blog more of a priority. Partially because I love writing- it helps me figure out what the heck I’m thinking and feeling, and it gives me an outlet to express it all. It also helps me feel connected. Every time I post something on here, I am so humbled and amazed by the fact that people read it. It’s such an encouraging reminder of how many people care about Little Man- and about the story we’re living and creating together.
Which, of course, stirs up many more thoughts and feelings, thus creating an even bigger need for writing. It’s a wonderful cycle!

The other reason I’m hoping to make blogging a priority? May is National Foster Care Awareness month- aka: NFCAM 2K15. (Thanks to a fellow foster mom- one whom I have never met in person but still feel so connected to- for reminding me of this fact! With everything I have on my plate right now, I would have been weeks into the month before remembering- if I remembered at all.)

I want to celebrate this month- and the incredible journey/responsibility/joy that is foster care- by sharing stories and information and updates with you here. I’m also trying to do regular posts on Instagram, so you can check in there (@ukulelekaley) if you feel so inclined!

When Ramses II says it, you know it's for realz.

I’ll start small- with this humble post. But I’m hoping to work through a good chunk of the list(s) I’ve created, so be sure to check in every once in a while!

But, since it’s been a long time, I’ll leave with a few updates on Little Man.

Here are some facts about him in his seventh month (what??) of life:
  • His current loves are eating new foods, making people laugh, being tickled, visits from Gigi (my mom), being or watching things outside, dancing with me in the living room, spending time with the dogs, wearing his sunglasses, and making new sounds.
  • Favorite book: “Your Personal Penguin” by Sandra Boynton (it may seem odd for a 7-month-old to have a favorite book, but, man, he loves it.)
  • Favorite time of day: Bath time.
  • Favorite food: Any. But he seemed to be an especially big fan of sweet potatoes.
  • Recent firsts: First trip to the dentist and first trip to the pool (God bless Texas)

Here are some pictures:

At seven months, this kid's style is on point. So are his elbow rolls.

Hide and Seek champ.

In all seriousness- this book has magical powers.

This kid is honestly just the sweetest little guy, with the absolute best laugh and a grin that would make anyone melt. He’s so much fun to be with, and every day I feel lucky to be a part of his life!

Okay, that's it for now. But stay tuned for another update soon! (I've said it here, so it has to happen, right??)

(Oh, and bummer update: I still haven’t heard back fromEllen. I’m hoping it will happen one day, but I think I’d need a few thousand people to tweet at her in order to get her attention. I guess people send her a lot of mail or something.)


  1. Thanks for the update! Love hearing about your life with little man!

    1. Thank you for reading! It means a lot to know that you care so much about us! :)

  2. I love the sweet pics! So cute.


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